Pedro Emilio Alcaraz Ramón

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Resisted sprint running is a common training method for improving sprint-specific strength. It is well-known that an athlete's time to complete a sled-towing sprint increases linearly with increasing sled load. However, to our knowledge, the relationship between the maximum load in sled-towing sprint and the sprint time is unknown, The main purpose of this(More)
INTRODUCTION Low energy intake may lead to the loss of muscle mass, menstrual dysfunction, increased risk of fatigue, injures and the need for prolonged recovery process. OBJECTIVES 1) To analyse the adherence to the Mediterranean diet of a elite female athletes futsal population, 2) To analyse the relationship between the Dietary Mediterranean index,(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze and compare measurements of spine kinematics during prehospital emergency responders' placement of a patient on a spinal backboard or a scoop stretcher. MATERIAL AND METHODS Cross sectional, quasi-experimental clinical simulation to compare misalignment (main endpoint) by means of data from a 3-dimensional motion capture system. (More)
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