Pedro Damián-Reyes

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Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) are currently in everyone's mouth when talking about future technologies that will be implemented in the automotive industry. In the last years the IEEE group has been working in the development of a standard for vehicular communications, this standard is the 802.11p. Most research work in this area has focused on(More)
In Collaborative Learning, groups of students work together using traditional and computer-based tools or applications. Participants are continuously moving and reorganizing in groups as tasks develop and the contextual information about the physical arrangement of people within groups determines the context of each sub-activity. The electronic environment(More)
A novel learning environment for undergraduate mathematics courses Volumen 12, número 1 Abstract This work presents the scaffolding design of learning objects as auxiliaries in the teaching-learning of mathematics at undergraduate level, through an electronic learning platform developed for using in formal mathematics courses. Its design is based on the(More)