Pedro Damián-Reyes

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Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) are currently in everyone's mouth when talking about future technologies that will be implemented in the automotive industry. In the last years the IEEE group has been working in the development of a standard for vehicular communications, this standard is the 802.11p. Most research work in this area has focused on(More)
In Collaborative Learning, groups of students work together using traditional and computer-based tools or applications. Participants are continuously moving and reorganizing in groups as tasks develop and the contextual information about the physical arrangement of people within groups determines the context of each sub-activity. The electronic environment(More)
Nowadays, the number of vehicles on the road and the need of transporting people grow fast. Road transportation has become the backbone of industrialized countries. Nevertheless, the road network system in cities is not sufficient to cope with the current demands due to the size of roads available. Building additional or extending existing roads do not(More)
Collaborative learning is based on groups of students working together with traditional and computer-based tools or applications. We have found that to make these supporting applications more effective we need to address the problem of automating group awareness in CSCL applications by estimating group arrangements from location sensors and the history of(More)
Resumen. En este trabajo se expone la integración de la educación lúdica basada en un lenguaje de programación para niños y las interfaces naturales de usuario (NUI) por medio del sensor Kinect de Microsoft. El objetivo final que se persigue con el proyecto es evaluar el impacto que puede tener la inclusión las NUI en un entorno educativo lúdico de la(More)
Resumen. En este trabajo se expone una investigación donde se analizan varios de los principales trabajos en Interacción Animal Computadora (ACI) y los distintos dispositivos tecnológicos en comunicación que existen en la actualidad para animales. Estos dispositivos son usados por el ser humano para interactuar con los animales, lo cual nos permitirá(More)