Pedro Corcuera

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In this paper, two geometric processing problems are considered: (1) point on a surface nearest to an external point, and (2) silhouette curve of a surface when observed from a given point. Problem (1) is solved by constructing gradient curves on the surface associated with a distance scalar field. Problem (2) appears as the intersection of surfaces(More)
Petri nets are gaining increased popularity among the scientific community during the last few years. They provide a simple and very intuitive graphical model for concurrency, parallelism and synchronization, and have a solid mathematical foundation as well as many analysis methods available. Because of these reasons, they have become a classical modeling(More)
This work is about curves lying on surfaces. We use orthogonality as a relevant property for defining some of these curves, such as section by a plane, intersection between surfaces, calculation of the silhouette of a surface. We apply scalar and vector fields, to construct gradient curves on a surface, to deal with the problem of minimum distance between a(More)