Pedro Cerqueira Russo

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The immediate post-hospitalization outcomes for elderly individuals who received home health services after discharge were compared with those who did not receive home health services. The needs of individuals with cognitive impairment and the "old-old" were major foci of interest. Assessment instruments included the Mini-Mental State Exam, the Delirium(More)
The epidemiology of hepatitis B in Portugal is insufficiently characterized. We aimed to review the epidemiology of hepatitis B in Portugal since 1980. A literature review was performed in MEDLINE, Scielo, Web of Science, and the Portuguese Scientific Repository for studies containing 'Hepatitis B' and 'Portugal' published from 1980 to June 2016. The(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate the frequency of night eating among obese patients, its biological correlates and its relationships with binge eating. METHODS The eating behavior of a group of patients enrolled in a weight-loss program was evaluated by Eating Inventory (EI) and by semistructured interviews designed to detect binge and night eating; in all cases(More)
BACKGROUND Biliary leaks have been treated with endoscopic management using different techniques with conflicting results. Furthermore the appropriate rescue therapy for refractory leaks has not been established. We evaluated the clinical effectiveness of initial endotherapy for postcholecystectomy biliary leaks using an homogenous approach (sphincterotomy(More)
Multiple myeloma is a neoplastic proliferation of monoclonal plasma cells. Symptomatic gastrointestinal involvement is uncommon. We report the case of a 45-year-old patient admitted with an anorectal polypoid lesion, which progressed to colonic obstruction. Investigation revealed a secondary plasmacytoma associated with multiple myeloma. We discuss the(More)
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