Pedro Carrasco García

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1 The presence and abundance of arthropods were compared in three olive orchards under organic, integrated and conventional management regimes. In each olive orchard, trees were sampled in the canopy by beating branches and soil arthropods by placing pitfall traps. Contrary to expectations, the highest abundance of arthropods occurred in the integrated(More)
We present a new, rapid and simple method to study DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) in sperm samples from boar under bright-field and fluorescence microscopy. Discrimination of sperm cells containing fragmented DNA relies on the extreme peripheral diffusion of their chromatin fragments, whereas those sperm nuclei without DNA fragmentation do not disperse or(More)
A new species of Microsporidia Microgemma carolinus n. sp. found in the marine teleost Trachinotus carolinus collected in Florianópolis, Brazil was described based on light, ultrastructural and phylogenetic studies. This parasite developed in the liver forming whitish xenomas that contained different developmental stages with monokaryotic nuclei. The(More)
The aim of this work was to analyse the response ofNH4 + assimilation in leaves of tobacco plants(Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. Tennessee 86), to different Bapplications (B1, 5 μM H3BO3; B2, 10μM H3BO3; B3, 20 μMH3BO3). The plants were grown under controlledenvironmental conditions and received a complete nutrient solution. In thisexperiment, we analysed the(More)
In vertical closed-loop systems, it is common to use single or double U-tube heat exchangers separated by longitudinal spacers. In addition, the helical-shaped pipe is another configuration that requires lower drilling lengths but it is less used. The aim of the present research is to study the influence of these components on the total efficiency of a(More)
PURPOSE To investigate material density, flow, and viscosity effects on microsphere distribution within an in vitro model designed to simulate hepatic arteries. MATERIALS AND METHODS A vascular flow model was used to compare distribution of glass and resin surrogates in a clinically derived flow range (60-120 mL/min). Blood-mimicking fluid (BMF) composed(More)
Microscopic and molecular procedures are used to describe a new myxosporean species, Henneguya carolina sp. nov., found infecting the intestine of the marine teleost fish Trachinotus carolinus on the southern Atlantic coast of Brazil. Spherical to ellipsoid cysts, measuring up to ~750 µm, display synchronous development. Mature myxospores are ellipsoidal(More)
Isozymes were the first widely used molecular markers in plant population analysis. They yielded valuable information on the amount and the structure of genetic variability. DNA technology has provided new types of markers based on DNA sequence, which make it possible to study polymorphisms in a much greater proportion of the genome. This is the reason why(More)
An improved method for evaluating drug release behaviour of drug-eluting embolization beads (DEBs) was developed utilizing an open-loop flow-through system, in which the beads were packed into an occlusive mass within the system and extracted with a flowing elution medium over time. Glass beads were introduced into the beads mass in order to ensure laminar(More)
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