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A 68-year-old woman with a medical history significant for Sjögren syndrome and leukocytoclastic vasculitis of small vessels presented to the emergency department with chills, malaise, a temperature of 39 degrees C, nausea, vomiting, and hypotension. Fifteen minutes earlier she had taken ibuprofen for flu-like symptoms. She was treated with a perfusion of(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the evidence that Lactoferrin (Lf) is involved in allergic asthma processes, it is unknown whether neutrophils can be one of the main cellular sources of this key inflammatory mediator directly in response of an IgE mediated stimulus. The present study was undertaken to analyze this question. METHODS Neutrophils from healthy subjects (n(More)
BACKGROUND Periodontitis develops through an inflammatory process caused by an infection at the microbial biofilm, followed by tissue destruction mediated by leucocytes which clinically cause significant destruction of connective tissue and bone. Several elements derived from the bacteria cause the inflammatory response and the release of mediators involved(More)
We have investigated plasma kallikrein amidolytic activity in the following groups of patients: 1. Normal control group of blood donors. 2. Extrinsic pollen-activated bronchial asthma patients, during periods of symptomatology and at a later time after the spring. 3. Subjects with atopic bronchial asthma in acute phase when admitted to our hospital's(More)
The spectacular development of monoclonal antibodies against cellular antigens an technology such as flow cytometry allow the investigation of cellular subpopulations that until now have been unknown. At the same time, the functional study of these subpopulations becomes of maximal interest, as this information could have future applications for(More)
We have studied the plasma kallikrein amidolytic activity in healthy control subjects (inactive), patients with chronic urticaria (active) and patients with acute urticaria (active) from their admission to the emergency room (active) to the time after which their clinical symptomatology had disappeared (inactive). We found statistically significant(More)
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