Pedro Bertemes-Filho

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Multi-frequency electrical impedance tomography (EIT) systems require stable voltage controlled current generators that will work over a wide frequency range and with a large variation in load impedance. In this paper we compare the performance of two commonly used designs: the first is a modified Howland circuit whilst the second is based on a current(More)
The electrical bioimpedance spectroscopy is used as powerful technique for characterizing biological materials and detecting tissue anomalies. Commercial impedance analyzers can make impedance measurements of biological materials in a wide frequency range. However, they are expensive and have not been manufactured for measuring in vivo biological materials(More)
The use of an amplitude/phase retrieval algorithm in electrical bioimpedance spectroscopy (EIS) that allows a new technique to reconstruct the impedance spectrum in the frequency-domain is reported. To the authors' knowledge this is the first time the proposed algorithm has been used to calculate the modulus or phase of a bioimpedance in EIS from one of(More)
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