Pedro Barbosa

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Based on an engagement perspective of reading development, we investigated the extent to which an instructional framework of combining motivation support and strategy instruction (Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction—CORI) influenced reading outcomes for third-grade children. In CORI, five motivational practices were integrated with six cognitive strategies(More)
With a Smart Metering infrastructure, there are many motivations for power providers to collect high-resolution data of energy usage from consumers. However, this collection implies very detailed information about the energy consumption of consumers being monitored. Consequently, a serious issue needs to be addressed: how to preserve the privacy of(More)
Objectives: To study the role of apomorphine in the development of Parkinson's disease de novo Impulse compulsive behaviours (ICBs) or recurrence of pre-existing ICBs in a retrospective audit. Background: Impulsive compulsive behaviours (ICBs) such as pathological gambling, compulsive sexual behaviour, compulsive eating and shopping and the overuse of(More)
Power providers have started replacing traditional electricity meters for Smart Meters, which can transmit current power consumption levels to the provider within short intervals. Based on this data, power providers can perform and improve many service activities such as differential tariffs and load predictions. However, this also threatens consumers'(More)
—This work presents a perfomance study of a dc microgrid when it is used a voltage droop technique to regulated the grid voltage and to control the load sharing between different sources. A small model of a dc microgrid comprising microsources and loads was implemented in the Simulink/Matlab environment. Some aspects about centralized (master–slave) and(More)
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