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In this paper, we propose a constraint-based approach to determining protein structures compatible with distance constraints obtained from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) data. We compare the performance of our proposed algorithm with DYANA ("Dynamics algorithm for NMR applications " [1]) an existing commercial application based on simulated annealing. For(More)
Parameter estimation is the problem of finding the values of the unknowns of a mathematical model for simulating a complex system. A model is generally given by differential equations or systems of equations or inequalities. Interval computations are numerical computations over sets of real numbers. In this paper intervals are used to model uncertainty in(More)
Rabern and Rabern (2008) and Uzquiano (2010) have each presented increasingly harder versions of 'the hardest logic puzzle ever' (Boolos 1996), and each has provided a BLOCKIN BLOCKIN two-­‐question BLOCKIN BLOCKIN solution BLOCKIN BLOCKIN to BLOCKIN BLOCKIN his BLOCKIN BLOCKIN predecessor's BLOCKIN BLOCKIN puzzle. BLOCKIN BLOCKIN But BLOCKIN BLOCKIN(More)
This paper presents an incremental method to solve hierarchies of constraints over nite domains, which borrows techniques developed in intelligent backtracking, and nds locally-predicate-better solutions. A prototype implementation of this method, IHCS, was written in C and can be integrated with diierent programming environments. In particular, with Prolog(More)
A number of diagnostic and optimisation problems in Electronics Computer Aided Design have usually been handled either by specific tools or by mapping them into a general problem solver (e.g. a propositional Boolean SAT tool). This approach, however, requires models with substantial duplication of digital circuits. In Constraint Logic Programming, the use(More)
This paper presents a defeasible constraint solver for the domain of linear equations, disequations and inequalities over the body of rational/real numbers. As extra requirements resulting from the incorporation of the solver into an Incremental Hierarchical Constraint Solver (IHCS) scenario we identiied: a)the ability to refer to individual constraints by(More)