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This paper describes the software tool "Planif 2000" that implements a set of different algorithms to help a Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) network planer in choosing the final solution or a small set of solutions for Synchronous Digital Hierarchy networks. A description of those algorithms is presented, and at the end, a relevant case study is(More)
OBJECTIVES This pilot study aimed to investigate whether and how music and musical genres may influence the depth of anaesthesia, as measured using changes in arterial blood pressure (ABP), including systolic blood pressure (SBP), and heart rate (HR) across three different surgical time points. METHODS This work focused on a sample of 12 female cats(More)
OBJECTIVES The aims of the study were to recognise if there is any auditory sensory stimuli processing in cats under general anaesthesia, and to evaluate changes in respiratory rate (RR) and pupillary diameter (PD) in anaesthetised patients exposed to different music genres, while relating this to the depth of anaesthesia. METHODS A sample of 12 cats(More)
We propose a semantics for Dependent Haskell, an extension of Haskell with full-spectrum dependent types. Our semantics consists of two strongly related languages. The rst is a Curry-style dependently-typed language with nontermination, irrelevant arguments, and equality abstraction. The second, strongly inspired by GHC's core language FC, is its(More)
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