Pedro Aragon

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The animals in this study were the offspring of dams, who, from 21-99 days of age, were exposed to 1000 mg/kg of lead acetate via a daily restricted watering schedule with exposure continuing throughout gestation and nursing. Control dams received distilled water under the same watering schedule. Offspring were weaned at 21 days of age and did not received(More)
Dispersal is a common response to deteriorating conditions such as intense competition, food limitation, predation or parasitism. Although it provides obvious advantages, dispersal is often assumed to be costly. Selection is therefore likely to have acted to decrease these costs, and indeed several studies demonstrated that dispersers and philopatric(More)
Although a number of experiments has revealed offspring hyperactivity following maternal lead (Pb) exposure, a consistent correlate has been reduced pup size. The present study was designed to measure exploratory behavior employing a range of Pb dosages that allowed for the comparison between Pb and control offspring both in the presence and the absence of(More)
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