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This paper proposes a multiclassification algorithm using multilayer perceptron neural network models. It tries to boost two conflicting main objectives of multiclassifiers: a high correct classification rate level and a high classification rate for each class. This last objective is not usually optimized in classification, but is considered here given the(More)
Sensitivity Accuracy Memetic algorithm Imbalanced datasets Over-sampling method SMOTE a b s t r a c t Classification with imbalanced datasets supposes a new challenge for researches in the framework of machine learning. This problem appears when the number of patterns that represents one of the classes of the dataset (usually the concept of interest) is(More)
A classification problem is a decision-making task that many researchers have studied. A number of techniques have been proposed to perform binary classification. Neural networks are one of the artificial intelligence techniques that has had the most successful results when applied to this problem. Our proposal is the use of q-Gaussian Radial Basis Function(More)
Ordinal classification refers to classification problems in which the classes have a natural order imposed on them because of the nature of the concept studied. Some ordinal classification approaches perform a projection from the input space to one-dimensional (latent) space that is partitioned into a sequence of intervals (one for each class). Class(More)
Ordinal regression problems are those machine learning problems where the objective is to classify patterns using a categorical scale which shows a natural order between the labels. Many real-world applications present this labelling structure and that has increased the number of methods and algorithms developed over the last years in this field. Although(More)