Pedro Alberto Barbetta

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In the past ten years, the software aging phenomenon has been systematically researched, and recognized by both academic, and industry communities as an important obstacle to achieving dependable software systems. One of its main effects is the depletion of operating system resources, causing system performance degradation or crash/hang failures in running(More)
Nearly every well installation process nowadays relies on some sort of risk assessment study, given the high costs involved. Those studies focus mostly on estimating the total time required by the well drilling and completion operations, as a way to predict the final costs. Among the different techniques employed, the Monte Carlo simulation currently stands(More)
BACKGROUND Although comfort and discomfort on seats have been widely investigated, their nature is still not well described by literature and it is not known exactly how the interaction between these two phenomena happens. OBJECTIVE To investigate the multidimensional nature of comfort and discomfort in aircraft seats as well as their levels of(More)
BACKGROUND The oxidative properties of margarines supplemented with pecan nut shell extract, rosemary extract and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) were investigated. RESULTS The extracts of pecan nut shell and rosemary showed a high content of total phenolics and condensed tannins (93 and 102.9 mg GAE g-1 and 46 and 38.9 mg CE g-1 respectively) as well as a(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of the study is to analyze the validity of the prediction equations for the resting metabolic rate (RMR) proposed by Harris and Benedicti (1919), Schofield (1985), WHO/FAO/ UNU (1985), Henry and Rees (1991), Molnár and cols. (1995), Tverskaya and cols. (1998) and Müller and cols. (2004) in adolescent girls (51 girls between 10 and(More)
This article aims to evaluate the psychometric properties of a scale that measures aircraft seat comfort. Factor analysis was used to study data variances. Psychometric quality was checked by using Item Response Theory. The sample consisted of 1500 passengers who completed a questionnaire at a Brazilian airport. Full information factor analysis showed the(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the Miniquestionário de Qualidade de Vida em Hipertensão Arterial (MINICHAL - Mini-questionnaire of Quality of Life in Hypertension) using the Item Response Theory. METHODS This is an analytical study conducted with 712 persons with hypertension treated in thirteen primary health care units of Fortaleza, State of Ceará, Brazil, in(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze, by means of "Item Response Theory", an instrument to measure adherence to t treatment for hypertension. METHODS Analytical study with 406 hypertensive patients with associated complications seen in primary care in Fortaleza, CE, Northeastern Brazil, 2011 using "Item Response Theory". The stages were: dimensionality test, calibrating(More)
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