Pedro A. de Alarcón

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We describe a system for querying 3D model databases using the spin image representation as a shape signature for objects depicted as triangular meshes. The spin image representation facilitates the task of aligning the query object with respect to matched models (coarse-grain registration). The main contribution of this work is the introduction of a(More)
Nowadays it is possible to unravel complex information at all levels of cellular organization by obtaining multi-dimensional image information. At the macromolecular level, three-dimensional (3D) electron microscopy, together with other techniques, is able to reach resolutions at the nanometer or subnanometer level. The information is delivered in the form(More)
MOTIVATION As in many other fields of science, computational methods in molecular biology need to intersperse information access and algorithm execution in a computational workflow. Users often find difficulties when transferring data between data sources and applications. In most cases there is no standard solution for workflow design and execution and(More)
As great amount of data are being produced and accumulated in Life Sciences, information access and consequent integration in analytical and computational methods become critical issues in order to conduct research. In this work we describe how the synergic combination of a high-level programmable planner engine and formal semantics are suitable to resolve(More)
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