Pedro A. Tonelli

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Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a worldwide leading cause of death. The standard method for evaluating critical partial occlusions is coronary arteriography, a catheterization technique which is invasive, time consuming, and costly. There are noninvasive approaches for the early detection of CAD. The basis for the noninvasive diagnosis of CAD has been laid(More)
The present study compares the performance of stochastic and fuzzy models for the analysis of the relationship between clinical signs and diagnosis. Data obtained for 153 children concerning diagnosis (pneumonia, other non-pneumonia diseases, absence of disease) and seven clinical signs were divided into two samples, one for analysis and other for(More)
This work is concerned with the action of a semisimple element g of the semisimple connected Lie group Sl(d;R) on ag manifolds or F. These manifolds are obtained as left cosets of a parabolic group T. We consider minimal sets of g on F , assigning to each minimal set M an index K(M) which appears if one consider an special decomposition of the vector space(More)
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