Pedro A. Noguera

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In The Trouble With Black Boys… and Other Reflections on Race, Equity , and the Future of Public Education , Pedro Noguera takes a thoughtful yet critical look at the myriad of social, cultural, and political factors that have resulted in the troubling achievement levels for poor and minority students. Noguera critiques the currently pervasive habit of(More)
INTRODUCTION The reproductive potential of sandflies depends on various factors, one of which is the type of host available as blood source, which is important in determining their capacity to serve as vectors. OBJECTIVE The present study evaluated the effect of the animal blood source on various biological parameters of Lutzomyia ovallesi (Ortiz) under(More)
The use of carbon nanoparticles is shown for the detection and identification of different Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli virulence factors (vt1, vt2, eae and ehxA) and a 16S control (specific for E. coli) based on the use of lateral flow strips (nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassay, NALFIA). Prior to the detection with NALFIA, a rapid(More)
Farmed and wild salmonids are affected by a variety of skin conditions, some of which have significant economic and welfare implications. In many cases, the causes are not well understood, and one example is cold water strawberry disease of rainbow trout, also called red mark syndrome, which has been recorded in the UK since 2003. To date, there are no(More)
Low-income urban youth of color frequently confront a wide variety of challenges and hardships that other young people never experience. The offering of prevention programs represents one strategy to help urban youth avoid the risks associated with substance abuse. In this chapter, an alternative program strategy is posited-one that places diversity with(More)
i QUESTIONS PRESENTED 1. Does imposition of a life-without-parole sentence on a fourteen-year-old child convicted of homicide violate the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments' prohibition against cruel and unusual punishments, when the extreme rarity of such sentences in practice reflects a national consensus regarding the reduced criminal culpability of(More)
2 New york City CouNCil Middle sChool tAsk ForCe • 1 1 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Middle School Task Force would like to thank the New York City Council, including Speaker Christine C. Quinn, for taking action to improve our City's middle-grade schools by convening a Middle School Task Force; the Council Members who attended the public forums and presented to(More)
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