Payyazhi Jayashree

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Energy conservation is one of the serious problems faced by WSN as the sensor nodes have limited battery power and are expected to perform data aggregation and actuation functions in addition to sensing data. Literature has plenty of solutions proposed to reduce energy consumption and usage. With the recent upcoming technology of introducing network(More)
Protecting legitimate traffic from the effects of denial of service attack traffic is desirable not only for availability of legitimate services but also for effective network utilization. Both can be achieved by means of ensuring effective QoS to users based on their actual needs. This paper deals with QoS management issue and is based on the proposed work(More)
Network intrusion detection systems (NIDSs) is one of the primary components in any network security infrastructure. Currently, many NIDSs that are developed are rule-based systems and their performances mainly depend on the rule sets. But rules formation becomes a tedious and rime consuming task due to the enormous amount of network traffic. This is(More)
Quality of Service (QoS) is considered as the standard check of a conveyance system to show provided services and its availability. For illustration application like video conferencing, voice over ip (VOIP), streaming videos, real time operation feel necessity for draconian assurance on jitter, packet loss, prioritization of services and end-to-end delay.(More)
In today's fast growing internet world, the number of Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) is increasing at an alarming rate. Evading these attacks has created a lot of attention from researchers. A number of monitoring and filtering devices have been developed to verify the authenticity of the packets based on the packet payload data in Intrusion(More)
The objective of the work is to improve the mechanism for selecting trust nodes which will participate in the key generation process for secured group communication in a distributed environment like MANET. The selection is proposed in two stages, the first phase adopts clustering technique to identify trust worthy nodes across the network and the second(More)
Smart home technology for aging people is coming up increasingly as elderly people require living at home with assistive devices. With aging comes associated health problems like mobility impairment and memory related diseases like amnesia, Alzheimer's, etc., They face difficulty in keeping their essential things safely and keeping up schedules. The work(More)
With the development and deployment of increasing internet services due to emerging technologies to meet the ever growing demands of the web users, the necessity to make these services available in also equally demanding. But web has become a necessary iniquity due to cyber attacks that are springing in abundance everyday. One of the most threatening(More)
The interest in leadership continues to grow over the past few decades. Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) have become a priority for all sectors, especially for the public sector. However, LDPs tend to be based on Western leadership theories, and predominantly utilize Western leadership development approaches, and do not consider the influence of(More)
Smart technology represents bringing out performance improvements in everything including sensors, control, monitor, decision support systems, and applications in intelligent way. In other words, making every object autonomous in communicating with other devices in a network of objects. With the development of precise sensors, Radiofrequency identification(More)
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