Payman Dehghanian

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Confronted with the power system restructuring trend reforming the past-regulated power systems, the need for a narrower insight on the costly maintenance strategies seems imperative. It falls within the realm of reliability centered maintenance to enhance the cost effectiveness of power distribution maintenance policies. From a practical point of view,(More)
The topology (transmission line) switching to achieve economic and reliability gains in the power grid has been proposed some time ago. This approach did not gain much attention until recently when large penetration of renewable generation created incentives to use transmission line switching to control sudden changes in power flows and mitigate(More)
The transmission line insulation breakdown is typically assessed by performing insulator chain tests, and by conducting network modeling and simulation studies incorporating various stress conditions. This paper investigates how historical data coming from the lightning detection network and measurement stations capturing associated weather conditions can(More)
Maintenance planning and scheduling of circuit breakers (CBs) always involves the cost and benefit analysis. This paper introduces a new framework for cost/benefit assessments using condition-based monitoring data. The signals monitored at the CB control circuit are first utilized to determine the CB deterioration status. This information is used to decide(More)
This paper proposes a novel decision making framework for optimal transmission switching satisfying the AC feasibility, stability and circuit breaker (CB) reliability requirements needed for practical implementation. The proposed framework can be employed as a corrective tool in day to day operation planning scenarios in response to potential contingencies.(More)
As the electricity market undergoes continuous evolutions, along with the widely-recognized outdated nature of the grid, system operators would have to be able to more effectively manage the system operation expenses since waves of maintenance costs and equipment investments would be anticipated in a few years to come. Strategic implementation of(More)
Power system topology control through transmission line switching for economic gains and reliability benefits has been recently considered in day to day operations. This paper introduces a probabilistic formulation for a more efficient application of topology control strategies in real world scenarios with anticipated increase in the presence of highly(More)
Circuit breakers play a vital role in maintaining system security since their malfunctioning could result in further component outages and may lead to the insecure operating conditions. This paper proposes a new approach for identifying the most risky circuit breakers using the conditionbased monitoring data and security-based impact evaluations. For a(More)
This paper presents a practical approach to evaluation of the operational health and reliability of circuit breakers in substations. Motivated by the recent failure surveys conducted by CIGRE working groups, circuit breaker condition data, obtained by monitoring critical parameters such as operational timings, tank gas pressure and temperature, mechanism(More)
Power system topology control as a planned corrective action in face of contingencies and also as a measure for achieving economic gains in real time market operation has been recently studied as an enhancement in hourand dayahead operations. Although attractive from the reliability and economic standpoint, the attention must be paid to the impact on the(More)