Payman Dehghanian

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—Confronted with the power system restructuring trend reforming the past-regulated power systems, the need for a narrower insight on the costly maintenance strategies seems imperative. It falls within the realm of reliability centered maintenance to enhance the cost effectiveness of power distribution maintenance policies. From a practical point of view,(More)
The topology (transmission line) switching to achieve economic and reliability gains in the power grid has been proposed some time ago. This approach did not gain much attention until recently when large penetration of renewable generation created incentives to use transmission line switching to control sudden changes in power flows and mitigate(More)
This paper proposes a novel decision making framework for optimal transmission switching satisfying the AC feasibility, stability and circuit breaker (CB) reliability requirements needed for practical implementation. The proposed framework can be employed as a corrective tool in day to day operation planning scenarios in response to potential contingencies.(More)
This paper investigates the weather-driven performance of electricity markets in the operational time frame. Employing the probability distribution fitting approaches, weather impacts on power generation and electricity demand are modeled and assessed through processing large volume of historical data sets. Several novel weather-impact indices are proposed(More)
—How to make decisions to optimally allocate the resources by deciding when to perform maintenance on power apparatus is a critical issue, especially with present economic scenario in power industry. This paper proposes a new approach to assess the circuit breaker's life cycle or deterioration stages using its control circuit data. In this approach, the "(More)
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