Payam Zamani Dehkordi

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This paper introduces a novel approach for power system fault diagnosis based on synchronized phasor measurements during the fault. The synchronized measurements are obtained in real time from Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) and compared with offline thresholds determined by decision trees (DTs) to diagnose the fault. The DTs have already been trained(More)
Under smart grid environment, islanding detection plays an important role in reliable operation of distributed generation (DG) units. In this paper an intelligent-based islanding detection algorithm for PV and DFIG units is proposed. Decision tree algorithm is used to classify islanding detection instances. This algorithm is rapid, simple, intelligible and(More)
Participants in an electricity market expect to have a fair, transparent, and open competition. Market Surveillance Administrators (MSA) are responsible for monitoring the market outcomes to investigate if they are consistent with the fundamentals of the electricity markets. It can be an immensely time-consuming process with high amounts of computations in(More)
There is vast potential value being stored in the massive amounts of data being produced each day in an electricity market. However, most of the value is not being realized due to the challenges in efficiently and intelligently processing and analyzing the large volumes data. These are the challenges of Big Data. Modern power systems are producing Big Data(More)
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