Payam Shayani

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After performing a chart review, the authors identified 120 patients who underwent breast cancer-related reconstruction. All charts were evaluated with regard to breast mound reconstruction type, nipple-areola reconstruction type, the interval between breast mound and nipple-areola reconstruction, the number of procedures needed to achieve nipple-areola(More)
BACKGROUND The role of prophylactic antibiotics in reduction mammaplasty remains controversial. However, most surgeons choose to use antibiotics. In addition to cost and potential allergic reactions, unnecessary administration of antibiotics can suppress host natural flora and produce resistant organisms. METHODS Fifty patients were sequentially assigned(More)
Once botulinum toxin type A is reconstituted, the manufacturer recommends that it be used in approximately 4 hours. As a result, a significant amount of this costly drug is often discarded because it is not completely used in the recommended period. The purpose of the present study was to compare fresh versus stored reconstituted botulinum toxin type A for(More)
A method of primary cleft lip nasal repair utilizing a medially based composite alar flap with a mucosal tab extension is presented. The procedure modifies, with a 5- to 6-mm mucosal tab extension, a previously described chondromucosal flap technique. Most cases were done concurrent with a modified Tennison lip repair. The flap consists of the lateral crus(More)
A 57-year-old 132-kg female (BMI 48.6) with end-stage cardiac failure is presented. Because of a progressive cardiomyopathy, the patient required a heart transplant. However, before receiving the transplant, major weight loss was deemed to be mandatory. Supervised dieting had manifestly failed, and thus a highly effective weight-reducing operation,(More)
Although algorithms for the repair of soft and hard palatal clefts continue to be debated, the appropriate length of postoperative stay has not yet been defined. Recent reports of cleft palate repair advocate a 2- to 5-day hospitalization. The plastic surgery service at St. Joseph Hospital frequently uses same-day admission with 23-hour observation(More)
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