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Purification, characterization and toxicity profile of ricin isoforms from castor beans.
The castor seed contains the toxin ricin, one of the most poisonous naturally occurring toxins. The whole of the plant is poisonous, however the seeds are considered the major source of ricin. RicinExpand
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Differential toxicity profile of ricin isoforms correlates with their glycosylation levels.
Ricin is one of the most potent and deadly plant toxins from the seeds of Ricinus communis. In view of its high toxicity, ricin is being used as an immunotoxin in cancer therapy. Ricin also hasExpand
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Characterization of native and denatured ricin using MALDI-TOF/MS.
Ricin is a toxic protein present in the seeds of castor bean plant. It can be inactivated by heat; therefore characterization of denatured ricin is essential to differentiate it from native ricin andExpand
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Denatured ricin can be detected as native ricin by immunological methods, but nontoxic in vivo.
Ricin is a glycoprotein from Ricinus communis seeds. It is known to have diverse toxic effects on cells of different visceral organs. In the present study, we purified and denatured ricin in aExpand
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