Payal Roychoudhury

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The need for effective bioprocess (fermentation) monitoring is growing in importance due to the rapid pace of change in the fermentation industry, and attendant financial pressures. Vibrational spectroscopy has shown great promise in bioprocess monitoring. In particular, recently attention has been focused on the capability of mid infrared spectroscopy(More)
The application of near infrared spectroscopy in bioprocessing has been limited by its dependence on calibrations derived from single bioreactor at a given time. Here, we propose a multiplexed calibration technique which allows calibrations to be built from multiple bioreactors run in parallel. This gives the flexibility to monitor multiple vessels and(More)
Attenuated total reflectance mid infrared (ATR-MIR) spectroscopy is a potential technique for the near real-time monitoring of filamentous bioprocesses. Here we investigate the utility of ATR-MIR to monitor and predict concentrations of glycerol and product (clavulanic acid) in a complex antibiotic bioprocess. Streptomyces clavuligerus exhibits filamentous(More)
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