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Data Cleansing is an activity performed on the data sets of data warehouse to enhance and maintain the quality and consistency of the data. This paper addresses the problems related with dirty data, entrance of dirty data and detection of dirty data in the data warehouse. The paper perceives the procedure of data cleansing from a different perspective. It(More)
Today companies need strategic information to counter fiercer competition, extend market share and improve profitability. So they need information system that is subject oriented, integrated, non volatile and time variant. Data warehouse is the viable solution. It is integrated repository of data gathered from many sources and used by the entire enterprise.(More)
The concept of data warehousing includes different algorithms and tools for combining data from multiple sources into a single repository called data warehouse. Various ETL tools are used to extract the data from these multiple sources. The paper proposes an object oriented approach to model the process of data extraction as part of extraction,(More)
One of the most vital activities to reduce energy consumption in wireless sensor networks is clustering. In clustering, one node from a group of nodes is selected to be a cluster head, which handles majority of the computation and processing for the nodes in the cluster. This paper proposes an algorithm for fuzzy based dynamic cluster head selection on(More)
Data Warehouse is a logical stockroom which accumulates and maintains enormous volume of data. It is very important for the enterprise that needs to analyze data obtained from heterogeneous sources to take tactical decisions. Any enterprise that wants to expand, survive and beat out the competition must have control over data. Any error or inconsistency in(More)
Data warehousing is emerging as the cornerstone of an organization's information Infrastructure. Today every business organization needs accurate and large amount of information to make proper decisions. For taking the business decisions the data should be of good quality. To improve the data quality data cleansing is needed. Data cleansing is fundamental(More)
Self-organizing molecular field analysis (SOMFA), a simple three-dimensional quantitative structure activity relationship (3D-QSAR) based cheminformatics method was used in present case to study the correlation between the molecular properties and the PTP 1B inhibitory activities of a series of 1,2-naphthoquinone that acts as selective PTP 1B inhibitors.(More)
In drug design, the investigation of properties of chemical compounds is the most important task. For determining the properties, the analysis of the existing data set is essential. Instead of describing individual molecules, in drug design, methods are used to characterize complete sets of chemical compounds and their relationship. Data mining analyzes(More)