Payal Kalra

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This paper proposed a rectangular microstrip patch antenna employing textile substrate material suitable for satellite downlink applications has been demonstrated and analyzed. The paper presents a compact and low profile microstrip fed textile patch antenna employing rectangular patch as a radiating element and Denim as substrate with relative permittivity(More)
The paper represents Terahertz microstrip antenna employing FR4 material as a substrate with permittivity of 4.4 and thickness of 1.62 μm. The slotted substrate and stacked ground plane has been used in antenna design. The ground, patch and feedline are made up of copper. The proposed terahertz microstrip patch antenna has an impedance bandwidth of(More)
Owing to the revolutionary development in the field of terahertz technology numerous advancement has taken place. In order to make a contribution to this field the proposed work focuses on the design and analysis of terahertz microstrip patch antenna that can be suitably deployed for determination of vitamins L-ascorbic acid and Thiamine hydrochloride.(More)
This paper proposes rectangular shaped terahertz microstrip patch antenna employing FR4 substrate for biomedical applications. The antenna has been devised using FR4 (Flame Retardent-4) substrate having dielectric constant &#x220A;<inf>r</inf>&#x003D;4.4 and loss tangent tan &#x03B4;&#x003D;0.02 whereas copper of conductivity 5.96 &#x00D7; 10<sup>7</sup>(More)
In this paper, a solar energy driven wearable autonomous smart cap for pedestrian safety has been proposed. A flexible solar panel capable of providing 10.2V and 120mA has been used as means of powering up wearable smart cap. The objective is to introduce cost-effective, autonomous and user-friendly device for avoiding pedestrian accidents on roads due to(More)
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