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This paper attempts to identify job networks among Mexican migrants in the U. S. labor market. The empirical analysis uses data on migration patterns and labor market outcomes, based on a sample of individuals belonging to multiple origin-communities in Mexico, over a long period of time. Each community's network is measured by the proportion of the sampled(More)
Green tea (GT)-based chemoprevention has shown promising results in various cancer models. However, the effective dose may not be far from the toxic dose because of inefficient systemic delivery and limited bio-availability of GT polyphenols. We have used GT polyphenols to successfully reduce gold to corresponding gold nanoparticles (NPs) in a single step;(More)
The startle response is inhibited when the startle-eliciting stimulus is preceded 30–500 ms by a prepulse. This effect, known as prepulse inhibition (PPI), is believed to represent a sensorimotor gating mechanism, which protects the brain from experiencing sensory overload. PPI is disturbed in many psychiatric disorders. Within healthy populations, women(More)
Earlier, we reported that CTLA4 expression is inversely correlated with CD38 expression in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells. However, the specific role of CTLA4 in CLL pathogenesis remains unknown. Therefore, to elucidate the possible role of CTLA4 in CLL pathogenesis, CTLA4 was down-regulated in primary CLL cells. We then evaluated(More)
Macrophages are projected as one of the key players responsible for the progression of cancer. Classically activated (M1) macrophages are pro-inflammatory and have a central role in host defense, while alternatively activated (M2) macrophages are associated with immunosuppression. Macrophages residing at the site of neoplastic growth are alternately(More)
This paper presents Improved Mountain Clustering (IMC) based medical image segmentation. Proposed technique is a more powerful approach for X-Ray image based diagnosing diseases like lung cancer and tuberculosis. The IMC based segmentation approach was applied on lung X-Ray images and compared with some existing techniques such as K-Means and FCM based(More)
This paper describes the development of a computerized line maintenance simulation model for strategic manpower planning at Continental Airlines for one of their major maintenance stations at Newark airport. The simulation model provides guidelines to the development of enhanced staffing models and a better understanding of resource requirements on a daily(More)
— Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is a wireless network without infrastructure. Self configurability and easy deployment feature of the MANET resulted in numerous applications in this modern era. In order to facilitate communication within the network, a routing protocol is used to discover routes between nodes. Routing protocols used in wired network cannot(More)