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There are many economic and technical arguments for the reduction of the number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) aboard a car. One of the key obstacles to achieve this goal is the limited composability, fault isolation and error containment of todaypsilas single processor architectures. However, significant changes in the chip architecture are taking(More)
This paper mainly proposes a benefit of methodology for pre trip plan assistance system with vehicle health monitoring. It proposes a comparison of calculating safest distance traveled by a vehicle by evaluating vehicle health monitoring using open loop Mamdani, open loop Sugeno, hybrid fuzzy, closed loop genetic fuzzy and adaptive neuro fuzzy controller,(More)
YouTube draws large number of users who contribute actively by uploading videos or commenting on existing videos. However, being a crowd sourced and large content pushed onto it, there is limited control over the content. This makes malicious users push content (videos and comments) which is inappropriate (unsafe), particularly when such content is placed(More)
Popularity of online videos is increasing at a rapid rate. Not only the users can access these videos online, but they can also upload video content on platforms like YouTube and Myspace. These videos are indexed by user generated multimedia annotation, also known as metadata, which is usually rich contextual information added by users about the content of(More)
Online TV has seen rapid growth in recent years, with most of the large media companies broadcasting their linear content online. Access to the online TV accounts is protected by an authentication, and like the traditional cable TV subscription, users in the same household share the online TV credentials. However, as the standard data collection techniques(More)
Customers may interact with a retail store through many channels. Technology now makes it is possible to track customer behavior across channels. We propose a system where items are recommended based on learning channel specific similarities between customers and items. This is done by treating recommendations as a learning to rank problem and minimizing(More)
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