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MAPK machinery in plants
The mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascades play diverse roles in intra- and extra-cellular signaling in plants. MAP kinases are the component of kinase modules which transfer informationExpand
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Phenotype‐rescue of cyclin‐dependent kinase inhibitor p16/INK4A defects in a spontaneous canine cell model of breast cancer
Mammary cancer is among the most frequently observed canine tumors in unspayed female dogs resulting in death due to metastatic disease. These tumors are excellent models of human breast cancer butExpand
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Tumor suppressor gene p16/INK4A/CDKN2A‐dependent regulation into and out of the cell cycle in a spontaneous canine model of breast cancer
p16/INK4A/CDKN2A is an important tumor suppressor gene that arrests cell cycle in G1 phase inhibiting binding of CDK4/6 with cyclin D1, leaving the Rb tumor suppressor protein unphosphorylated andExpand
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Tumor Suppressor Gene p16/INK4A/CDKN2A and Its Role in Cell Cycle Exit, Differentiation, and Determination of Cell Fate
Tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes are important regulatory genes which encode proteins regulating transitions in and out of the cell cycle and which also have a role in the gateway to terminalExpand
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Novel frameshift mutation in the p16/INK4A tumor suppressor gene in canine breast cancer alters expression from the p16/INK4A/p14ARF locus
The INK4 family of cyclin‐dependent kinase inhibitors (CKI) encode important cell cycle regulators that tightly control cell cycle during G1 to S phase. These related genes are considered tumorExpand
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Co-expression and in-silico interaction studies for inter-linking the activation of MAPK3 and LOX genes during pathogenesis of Alternaria brassicae in Brassica juncea
Alternaria blight disease caused by Alternaria brassicae (Berk) Sacc. is one of the important fungal diseases of Brassica plant which leads to major yield losses as well as deterioration in quality.Expand
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Oral Delivery of Glucagon Like Peptide-1 by a Recombinant Lactococcus lactis
PurposeTo develop a live oral delivery system of Glucagon like peptide-1 (GLP-1), for the treatment of Type-2 Diabetes.MethodsLL-pUBGLP-1, a recombinant Lactococcus lactis (L. lactis)) transformedExpand
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Estrogen receptor-α, progesterone receptor, and c-erbB/HER-family receptor mRNA detection and phenotype analysis in spontaneous canine models of breast cancer
Well characterized, stable, p16-defective canine mammary cancer (CMT) cell lines and normal canine mammary epithelial cells were used to investigate expression of the major breast cancer-specificExpand
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Cell-Surface Integrins and CAR Are Both Essential for Adenovirus Type 5 Transduction of Canine Cells of Lymphocytic Origin
Adenoviruses are the most widely used vectors in cancer gene therapy. Adenoviruses vectors are well characterized and are easily manipulated. Adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5) is the most commonly usedExpand
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Feasibility of an Electronic Health Tool to Promote Physical Activity in Primary Care: Pilot Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Background Physical inactivity is associated with increased health risks. Primary care providers (PCPs) are well positioned to support increased physical activity (PA) levels through screening andExpand
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