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Consider the following survival problem:Given a set of k trajectories (paths) with maximum unit speed in a boundedregion over a (long) time interval [0,T], find another trajectory (if itexists) subject to the same maximum unit speed limit, that avoids (that is, stays at a safe distance of)each of the other trajectories over the entire time interval. We call(More)
We consider the mixed graph coloring problem. A mixed graph GM = (V, E, A) is a graph with vertex set V and containing edges (set E) and arcs (set A). An edge joining vertices i and j is denoted by {i, j}, while an arc with tail p and head q is denoted by (p, q). A k-coloring of GM is a function ϕ : V → {1, 2,. .. , k} such that ϕ(i) = ϕ(j) for {i, j} ∈ E(More)