Pawel Wnuk

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We demonstrate that the intensity of the second harmonic (SH) generated in KTiOPO(4) nanoparticles excited with femtosecond laser pulses increases with decreasing duration of the infrared pump pulses. The SH intensity scales, approximately, as the inverse of the laser pulse duration ranging between 13 fs and 200 fs. The SH intensity enhancement requires(More)
Rapid photobleaching of fluorescent proteins can limit their use in imaging applications. The underlying kinetics is multi-exponential and strongly depends on the local chromophore environment. The first, reversible, step may be attributed to a rotation around one of the two exocyclic C-C bonds bridging phenol and imidazolinone groups in the chromophore.(More)
  • M. Syfert, P. Rzepiejewski, P. Wnuk
  • 2005
The paper presents structure and algorithms of the system of current diagnosis of the evaporation station in the Lublin Sugar Factory. The applied fault detection algorithms are based on the set of partial parametric models, the set of heuristic dependencies describing process behaviour and the hardware redundancy. The isolation algorithm implements fuzzy(More)
The linear and nonlinear optical properties of a series of linear and cross-conjugated platinum(II) acetylide complexes that contain extended p-(phenylene vinylene) chromophores are reported. The complexes exhibit very high femtosecond two-photon absorption (2PA) cross section values (σ(2) up to 10,000 GM), as measured by nonlinear transmission (NLT) and(More)
We report on a compact and simple, broadband optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier system that amplifies femtosecond pulses directly from a titanium sapphire oscillator up to 2 TW power. Our system relies on a new technique - time shear - that improves the time overlap between the seed and pump pulses and, thus, improves the efficiency of the power(More)
We have developed a bimorph piezoceramic deformable mirror with 28 independently controlled vertical sectors. When used in a reflective 2 f setup the mirror enables phase compensation in the range of a few hundred radians. We have demonstrated that such a compressor is able to compress femtosecond laser pulses that had been initially stretched by a factor(More)
OBJECTIVES The role of surgical resection for brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer is evolving. Although resection of primary lung cancer and metachronous brain metastases is superior to other treatment modalities in prolonging survival and disease-free interval, resection of the primary non-small cell lung cancer and synchronous brain(More)
We study instantaneous two-photon absorption (2PA) in a series of nominally quasi-centrosymmetric trans-bis(tributylphosphine)-bis-(4-((9,9-diethyl-7-ethynyl-9H-fluoren-2-yl) ethynyl)-R)-platinum complexes, where 11 different substituents, R = N(phenyl)2(NPh2), NH2, OCH3, t-butyl, CH3, H, F, CF3, CN, benzothiazole, and NO2, represent a range of(More)
The excited state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) reaction of the dually fluorescent 2,5-diethyl-(dibenzoxazolyl)-hydroquinone (DE-BBHQ) was studied with several time resolved techniques. The complementary character of up-conversion and time correlated single photon counting methods was demonstrated. According to the up-conversion experiments, the(More)