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Rapid photobleaching of fluorescent proteins can limit their use in imaging applications. The underlying kinetics is multi-exponential and strongly depends on the local chromophore environment. The first, reversible, step may be attributed to a rotation around one of the two exocyclic C-C bonds bridging phenol and imidazolinone groups in the chromophore.(More)
In the paper the idea of advanced control, including automatic reconfiguration in case of single fault presence, diagnostics and monitoring of all components of ventricle assist system is given. Presented solution was prepared for most recent series of controllers working with pneumatic, pulsatile VAD system. The general concept of realization of mentioned(More)
The paper presents structure and algorithms of the system of current diagnosis of the evaporation station in the Lublin Sugar Factory. The applied fault detection algorithms are based on the set of partial parametric models, the set of heuristic dependencies describing process behaviour and the hardware redundancy. The isolation algorithm implements fuzzy(More)
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