Pawel Widera

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SUMMARY JEPETTO (Java Enrichment of Pathways Extended To TOpology) is a Cytoscape 3.x plugin performing integrative human gene set analysis. It identifies functional associations between genes and known cellular pathways, and processes using protein interaction networks and topological analysis. The plugin integrates information from three separate web(More)
Seed germination is a critical stage in the plant life cycle and the first step toward successful plant establishment. Therefore, understanding germination is of important ecological and agronomical relevance. Previous research revealed that different seed compartments (testa, endosperm, and embryo) control germination, but little is known about the(More)
One of the key elements in protein structure prediction is the ability to distinguish between good and bad candidate structures. This distinction is made by estimation of the structure energy. The energy function used in the best state-of-the-art automatic predictors competing in the most recent CASP (Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure(More)
MOTIVATION The prediction of a protein's contact map has become in recent years, a crucial stepping stone for the prediction of the complete 3D structure of a protein. In this article, we describe a methodology for this problem that was shown to be successful in CASP8 and CASP9. The methodology is based on (i) the fusion of the prediction of a variety of(More)
Automatic protein structure predictors use the notion of energy to guide the search towards good candidate structures. The energy functions used by the state-of-the-art predictors are defined as a linear combination of several energy terms designed by human experts. We hypothesised that the energy based guidance could be more accurate if the terms were(More)
Background: The comparison of computer generated protein structural models is an important element of protein structure prediction. It has many uses including model quality evaluation, selection of the final models from a large set of candidates or optimisation of parameters of energy functions used in template-free modelling and refinement. Although many(More)
Functional networks play an important role in the analysis of biological processes and systems. The inference of these networks from high-throughput (-omics) data is an area of intense research. So far, the similarity-based inference paradigm (e.g. gene co-expression) has been the most popular approach. It assumes a functional relationship between genes(More)
A heuristic algorithm for the DNA sequence assembly problem is presented. Its sequential implementation is described as well as its parallelization method. A computational experiment shows how the parallel algorithm speed depends on a number of processes. Tests on real data from experiments with the SARS coronavirus are also discussed, and the outcome of(More)