Pawel Waszkiewicz

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We generalize the construction of the formal ball model for metric spaces due to A. Edalat and R. Heckmann to obtain computational models for separated Q-categories. We fully describe (a) Yoneda complete and (b) continuous Yoneda complete Q-categories via their formal ball models. Our results yield solutions to two open problems in the theory of(More)
We provide a method for checking if a given auxiliary relation on a poset is the approximation relation on a domain. 1 Motivation If (P, ⊑) is a partial order, then the approximation (called also the way-below relation) is defined for x, y ∈ P as x ≪ y if and only of for any directed subset D of P , if y ⊑ ↑ D, then x ⊑ d for some d ∈ D (↑ D denotes the(More)
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