Pawel Sroka

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In this paper a study on different Radio Resource Management (RRM) methods employed in a multi-carrier cellular system is presented. This work focuses on the rate-adaptive resource allocation (sub-carriers and power), as well as the utilitybased packet scheduling algorithms. The objective of the paper is to study the trade-off between system spectral(More)
Two main draft standards were submitted in October 2009 as candidate technologies for IMT-Advanced, namely IEEE 802.16m and 3GPP LTE-Advanced. However, several details on their functionalities are still open and the research community is racing towards the complete definition of the revolutionary next fourth generation mobile, 4G. In this framework the(More)
In this paper we study the interference management in two-tier cellular system from a game theoretic perspective. We extend the work given in [1], [2] to apply the game theoretic approach based on correlated equilibrium and regret-matching learning to multi-tier decentralized interference mitigation. The proposed approach requires periodic information(More)
This deliverable summarizes the most promising enabling techniques for LTE-A and beyond in seven major areas. These areas are: Carrier Aggregation, Coordinated Multipoint Systems, Femtocells, Network Coding, MIMO, Quality of Service, Resource allocation, and Relaying. A description of the most relevant scenarios where the techniques can be used is given.(More)
This document presents the system design results for the Metropolitan Area deployments of WINNER system concept, and the associated performance assessment results. The focus of the work has been on items for which the special features of system deployments in these environments are especially challenging. Keyword list: Wideband mobile communications, system(More)
The provision of very high capacity is one of the big challenges of the 5G cellular technology. This challenge will not be met using traditional approaches like increasing spectral efficiency and bandwidth, as witnessed in previous technology generations. Cell densification will play a major role thanks to its ability to increase the spatial reuse of the(More)