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The theory of reactive systems, introduced by Leifer and Milner and previously extended by the authors, allows the derivation of well-behaved labelled transition systems (LTS) for semantic models with an underlying reduction semantics. The derivation procedure requires the presence of certain colimits (or, more usually and generally, bicolimits) which need(More)
We introduce a way of viewing Petri nets as open systems. This is done by considering a bicategory of cospans over a category of p/t nets and embeddings. We derive a labelled transition system (LTS) semantics for such nets using GIPOs and characterise the resulting congruence. Technically, our results are similar to the recent work by Milner on applying the(More)
We introduce adhesive categories, which are categories with structure ensuring that pushouts along monomorphisms are well-behaved. Many types of graphical structures used in computer science are shown to be examples of adhesive categories. Double-pushout graph rewriting generalises well to rewriting on arbitrary adhesive categories.