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DNA methylation regulates gene expression in normal and malignant cells. The possibility to reactivate epigenetically silenced genes has generated considerable interest in the development of DNA methyltransferase inhibitors. Here, we provide a detailed characterization of RG108, a novel small molecule that effectively blocked DNA methyltransferases in vitro(More)
DNA methylation is an epigenetic process affecting gene expression and chromatin organization. It can heritably silence or activate transcription of genes without any change in their nucleotide sequences, and for a long time was not recognized as an important regulatory mechanism. However, during the recent years it has been shown that improper methylation,(More)
UNLABELLED Using literature databases one can find not only known and true relations between processes but also less studied, non-obvious associations. The main problem with discovering such type of relevant biological information is 'selection'. The ability to distinguish between a true correlation (e.g. between different types of biological processes) and(More)
BACKGROUND Advances in high-throughput technologies available to modern biology have created an increasing flood of experimentally determined facts. Ordering, managing and describing these raw results is the first step which allows facts to become knowledge. Currently there are limited ways to automatically annotate such data, especially utilizing(More)
BACKGROUND There has been huge progress in the open cheminformatics field in both methods and software development. Unfortunately, there has been little effort to unite those methods and software into one package. We here describe the Open Drug Discovery Toolkit (ODDT), which aims to fulfill the need for comprehensive and open source drug discovery(More)
In the last 20 years a whole hierarchy of notions of tractability was proposed and analyzed by several authors. These notions are used to classify the computational hardness of continuous numerical problems S = (S d) d∈N in terms of the behavior of their information complexity n(ε, S d) as a function of the accuracy ε and the dimension d. By now a lot of(More)
DiSCuS, a "Database System for Compound Selection", has been developed. The primary goal of DiSCuS is to aid researchers in the steps subsequent to generating high-throughput virtual screening (HTVS) results, such as selection of compounds for further study, purchase, or synthesis. To do so, DiSCuS provides (1) a storage facility for ligand-receptor(More)
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