Pawel Schmidt

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In the contiguous variant of the Scheduling with Interval Conflicts problem, there is a universe U consisting of elements being consecutive positive integers. An input is a sequence of conflicts in the form of intervals of length at most σ. For each conflict, an algorithm has to choose at most one surviving element, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the(More)
We consider the problem of online Min-cost Perfect Matching with Delays (MPMD) introduced by Emek et al. (STOC 2016). In this problem, an even number of requests appear in a metric space at different times and the goal of an online algorithm is to match them in pairs. In contrast to traditional online matching problems, in MPMD all requests appear online(More)
We study the Online Steiner Tree Leasing (OSTL) problem, defined in a weighted undirected graph with a distinguished root node r. There is a known set L of available lease types, where each type ` ∈ L is characterized by its duration D` and cost factor C`. As an input, an online algorithm is given a sequence of terminals and has to connect them to the root(More)
In this paper the issue of teaching the mesh current method and node voltage method by a workshop teaching technique is presented. To this end, a didactic experiment was made, in order to compare traditional teaching method based on the individual student's work at the blackboard with alternative one using teamwork techniques connected with the presentation(More)
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