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The electronic band structure of MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, and WSe2, crystals has been studied at various hydrostatic pressures experimentally by photoreflectance (PR) spectroscopy and theoretically within the density functional theory (DFT). In the PR spectra direct optical transitions (A and B) have been clearly observed and pressure coefficients have been(More)
In most cases authors are permitted to post their version of the article (e.g. in Word or Tex form) to their personal website or institutional repository. Authors requiring further information regarding Elsevier's archiving and manuscript policies are encouraged to visit: a b s t r a c t It has been shown that the underestimated by DFT/LDA(GGA) band-gap can(More)
We investigate the ultrafast dynamics of carriers in a silicon nanostructure by performing spectrally resolved fem-tosecond spectroscopy measurements with a supercontinuum probe. The nanostructure consists of a 158-nm-thick crystalline Si layer on top of which a SiO 2 passivation layer leads to a very high quality of the Si surface. In addition, a(More)
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