Pawel Raif

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A new machine learning approach known as motivated learning (ML) is presented in this work. Motivated learning drives a machine to develop abstract motivations and choose its own goals. ML also provides a self-organizing system that controls a machine's behavior based on competition between dynamically-changing pain signals. This provides an interplay of(More)
Motivated learning is a new machine learning approach that extends reinforcement learning idea to dynamically changing, and highly structured environments. In this approach a machine is capable of defining its own objectives and learns to satisfy them though an internal reward system. The machine is forced to explore the environment in response to(More)
— The paper presents a structural model of a cognitive agent and its Blender implementation. Built in a virtual world, the agent is able to act autonomously, observe its environment and learn from its actions using principles of motivated learning. We discuss both its organizational structure and tools we used to develop virtual implementation of the agent.(More)
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