Pawel Penczek

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Over 73,000 projections of the E. coli ribosome bound with formyl-methionyl initiator tRNAf(Met) were used to obtain an 11.5 A cryo-electron microscopy map of the complex. This map allows identification of RNA helices, peripheral proteins, and intersubunit bridges. Comparison of double-stranded RNA regions and positions of proteins identified in both(More)
  • Nenad Ban, Betty Freeborn, Poul Nissen, Pawel Penczek, Robert A. Grassucci, Robert Sweet +3 others
  • 1998
The 50S subunit of the ribosome catalyzes the peptidyl-transferase reaction of protein synthesis. We have generated X-ray crystallographic electron density maps of the large ribosomal subunit from Haloarcula marismortui at various resolutions up to 9 A using data from crystals that diffract to 3 A. Positioning a 20 A resolution EM image of these particles(More)
Three-dimensional cryomaps have been reconstructed for tRNA-ribosome complexes in pre- and posttranslocational states at 17-A resolution. The positions of tRNAs in the A and P sites in the pretranslocational complexes and in the P and E sites in the posttranslocational complexes have been determined. Of these, the P-site tRNA position is the same as seen(More)
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