Pawel P. Wozniak

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UNLABELLED Analyses of amyloidogenic sequence fragments are essential in studies of neurodegenerative diseases. However, there is no one internet dataset that collects all the sequences that have been investigated for their amyloidogenicity. Therefore, we have created the AmyLoad website which collects the amyloidogenic sequences from all major sources. The(More)
Contact sites between amino acids characterize important structural features of a protein. We investigated characteristics of contact sites in a representative set of proteins and their relations between protein class or topology. For this purpose, we used a non-redundant set of 5872 protein domains, identically categorized by CATH and SCOP databases. The(More)
Motivation Apart from meta-predictors, most of today's methods for residue-residue contact prediction are based entirely on Direct Coupling Analysis (DCA) of correlated mutations in multiple sequence alignments (MSAs). These methods are on average ∼40% correct for the 100 strongest predicted contacts in each protein. The end-user who works on a single(More)
Motivation The recently developed direct coupling analysis (DCA) method has greatly improved the accuracy with which residue-residue contacts can be predicted from multiple sequence alignments. Contact prediction accuracy, though, is still often not sufficient for complete ab initio protein structure prediction. DCA can, however, support protein structure(More)
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