Pawel Olejniczak

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The role of the olfactory and vomeronasal systems of male bank voles in behavioural interaction with females was investigated. Bulbectomy (OBX), but not vomeronasalectomy (VNX), resulted in a decrease of female-stimulated ultrasonic calling by males, manifested as longer latency to the first call and fewer calls by OBX males in comparison to VNX or(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the pre, intra, and post-operative data between ileal conduit and neobladder urinary diversions during laparoscopic radical cystectomy(LRC). MATERIAL AND METHODS Between 2006 and 2011, 63 patients who underwent LRC and urinary diversion had their data input prospectively into a database and said data used for the analysis. The outcome(More)
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