Pawel Marciniak

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Peer-to-peer content distribution systems have been enjoying great popularity, and are now gaining momentum as a means of disseminating video streams over the Internet. In many of these protocols , including the popular BitTorrent, content is split into mostly fixed-size pieces, allowing a client to download data from many peers simultaneously. This makes(More)
The neuropeptide profiles of the two major neuro-endocrinological organs, brain and retrocerebral complex corpus cardiacum-corpus allatum (CC/CA) of adult beetles, Zophobas atratus Fabricius (Coleoptera:Tenebrionidae) were analyzed by a combination of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time of(More)
Three neuropeptides Zopat-MS-2 (pEDVDHVFLRFa), Zopat-SK-1 (pETSDDYGHLRFa) and Zopat-NVPL-4trunc. (GRWGGFA), recently isolated from the neuroendocrine system of the Zophobas atratus beetle, were tested for their myotropic and hyperglycaemic activities in this species. These peptides exerted differentiated dose-dependent and tissue specific physiological(More)
This paper presents a decision support system that aims to estimate a patient׳s general condition and detect situations which pose an immediate danger to the patient׳s health or life. The use of this system might be especially important in places such as accident and emergency departments or admission wards, where a small medical team has to take care of(More)
Insect sulfakinins (SKs) are multifunctional neuropeptides structurally and functionally homologous to the mammalian gastrin/cholecystokinin (CCK). It has been proposed that SKs play a role in modulating energy management in insects by interacting with adipokinetic hormone (AKH), the principle hormone controlling insect intermediary metabolism. To exclude(More)
Insect sulfakinins are multifunctional neuropeptides homologous to vertebrate gastrin/cholecystokin (CCK) neuropeptide hormones. We investigated the action of the nonsulfated sulfakinin Zopat-SK-1 (pETSDDYGHLRFa) on the levels of chosen metabolites in the Zophobas atratus beetle fat body. Samples of fat body were collected 2h and 24h after hormone(More)
Melia azedarach is a plant species whose fruits posses nematicidal and insecticidal activity. In this study, we tested two M. azedarach extracts: a crude methanolic fruit extract (CRU) and its limonoids fraction (LIM) produced after partitioning with dichloromethane to check their insecticidal activity against beet armyworm Spodoptera exigua. Both extracts(More)