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Peer-to-peer content distribution systems have been enjoying great popularity, and are now gaining momentum as a means of disseminating video streams over the Internet. In many of these protocols , including the popular BitTorrent, content is split into mostly fixed-size pieces, allowing a client to download data from many peers simultaneously. This makes(More)
The goal of this research is to present modern SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems abilities. The first part of this paper concentrates on the SCADA history and shows how SCADA systems have changed since they have appeared. This part also includes structure specification of modern SCADA systems as well as merits and description of(More)
Flowshop is an example of a classic hard combinatorial problem. Branch-and-bound is a technique commonly used for solving such hard problems. Together, the two can be used as a benchmark of maturity of parallel processing environment. Grid systems pose a number of hurdles which must be overcome in practical applications. We give a report on applying(More)
The aim of the research presented in this paper was to test the possibility of inventing a fully autonomous device to detect the position of the fingers with the use of micromachined accelerometers. An implemented algorithm is based on the measurement of gravity acceleration. Designed microprocessor system analyses that data and controls the model of a(More)
This paper presents a decision support system that aims to estimate a patient׳s general condition and detect situations which pose an immediate danger to the patient׳s health or life. The use of this system might be especially important in places such as accident and emergency departments or admission wards, where a small medical team has to take care of(More)
The article presents the theme of stereoscopic images quality assessment. The first part of the paper describes the definition of stereoscopy and provides a preliminary discussion of the issue. The second part of the paper lists a set of commonly used metrics for the evaluation of 3D image divided into subjective and objective metrics, and these in turn,(More)
One of the most important aspect of molecular and computational biology is the reconstruction of evolutionary relationships. The area is well explored after decades of intensive research. Despite this fact there remains a need for good and efficient algorithms that are capable of reconstructing the evolutionary relationship in reasonable time. Since the(More)
The paper presents application of Artificial Neural networks (ANN) in classification system of medical data set, which can be helpful in diagnosis procedures. As a neural network, the perceptron feed forward architecture has been applied. The proposed ANN architecture contains one hidden layer. The elaborated models of ANN, computer simulations and results(More)
Cubic boron nitride is commonly used as a cutting tools material for the sake of its high hardness and wear-resistance. Pulse Plasma Sintering was proposed to decrease the production costs. This method is very attractive for industry, because it significantly decreases the costs of production. The goal of this paper is to present the control system(More)