Pawel Kossecki

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Author has described selected problems related to valuation and value creation of Internet related companies. Relationships between the brand, loyalty, trust and valuation were researched. The method of valuing companies based on valuation of Customer Lifetime Value was described. Two kinds of the Internet clients are considered: one-time deal clients and(More)
The aims of this paper are to: 1) outline and discuss the framework for linking theater e-marketing with customer equity; 2) assess the impact of digital theater services on the metrics connected with Customer Lifetime Value. The results of empirical research suggest that art-oriented young Internet-users, who do not attend traditional theaters, can be(More)
This paper aims to contribute to the better understanding, and in consequence, better development and implementation of crowdfunding projects for filmmaking. This study covers two areas of analysis: project-level research and founders-level (creators-level) research. In the first area, the article presents an analysis of documentary film projects based on(More)
The aim of this paper is to attract attention to the double jeopardy phenomenon. Double jeopardy seems to very often go unnoticed by companies while they look for an explanation as to why their efforts to enhance the intensity of brand usage are unsuccessful. The clue is that the companies do not pay enough attention to raising the market share. Our(More)
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