Pawel Jerzy Wojcik

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A dye sensitized TiO(2) photodetector has been integrated with a DNA detection method based on non-cross-linking hybridization of DNA-functionalized gold nanoparticles, resulting in a disposable colorimetric biosensor. We present a new approach for the fabrication of dye sensitized TiO(2) photodetectors by an inkjet printing technique-a non-contact digital,(More)
Field-effect-based devices are becoming a basic structural element in a new generation of microbiosensors. Reliable molecular characterization of DNA and/or RNA is of paramount importance for disease diagnostics and to follow up alterations in gene expression profiles. The use of such devices for point-of-need diagnostics has been hindered by the need of(More)
The use of microfluidics platforms combined with the optimal optical properties of gold nanoparticles has found plenty of application in molecular biosensing. This paper describes a bio-microfluidic platform coupled to a non-cross-linking colorimetric gold nanoprobe assay to detect a single nucleotide polymorphism associated with increased risk of obesity(More)
This paper focuses on the engineering procedures governing the synthesis of tungsten oxide nanocrystals and the formulation of printable dispersions for electrochromic applications. By that means, we aim to stress the relevancy of a proper design strategy that results in improved physicochemical properties of nanoparticle loaded inks. In the present study(More)
The aim of presented work is to show the improvements obtained in the properties of TiO2 films for dye sensitized solar cells fabricated by inkjet printing using an innovative methodology. We describe the development and properties of TiO2-based inks used in a lab-scale printer, testing various commercial TiO2 pastes. The porosity of the deposited inkjet(More)
An efficient mathematical strategy in the field of solution processed electrochromic (EC) films is outlined as a combination of an experimental work, modeling, and information extraction from massive computational data via statistical software. Design of Experiment (DOE) was used for statistical multivariate analysis and prediction of mixtures through a(More)
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