Pawel Jan Kielczynski

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Ring piezoelectric transducers generating ultrasonic energy in air were designed and tested experimentally and numerically. The radiation pattern of the transducer is very narrow (4 degrees ) and its frequency response has a broadband character. Resonant frequencies of the transducers were determined experimentally and verified theoretically. Applications(More)
In this paper, the vibrational characteristics of ultrasonic transducers consisting of a ceramic ring filled with a plastic disk are considered. For axially symmetric resonances, the vibrational amplitude on the surface of the plastic core is approximately described by a truncated Bessel function of zero order and first kind J(0), leading to an ultrasonic(More)
Theoretical analysis and numerical results describing the propagation of SH (shear-horizontal) surface waves on piezoelectric ceramics with a depolarized surface layer are described. SH surface waves propagating in piezoelectric ceramics with a depolarized surface layer are shown to be a mixture of the Bleustein-Gulyaev surface wave, electrical potential,(More)
In this paper the theoretical analysis and the results of testing of a piezoelectric cantilever for the investigation of material surfaces are presented. The cantilever consists of a thin piezoelectric plate bonded with a thin metal (e.g., molybdenum) foil. The analytical formulae for spring constants and sensitivity of such monomorph have been established.(More)
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