Pawel Gusin

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We consider the gravity in the system consisting of the Bogomol’nyi-Prasad-Sommerfield (BPS) D3-brane embedded in the flat background geometry, produced by the solutions of the supergravity. The effective action for this system is represented by the sum of the Hilbert-Einstein and DBI actions. We derive the Wheeler-De Witt equation for this system and(More)
The evolution of a probe D-brane in the p-brane background has been considered. The anisotropic evolution of the world-volume of the D-brane with a given topology of a world-volume in a form of a direct product of a n-dimensional flat space and (3 − n)-dimensional sphere has been obtained. In this case the anisotropy is described with the aid of two(More)
We consider the DBI action for the D-branes with the dynamic embeddings in the background produced by p-branes. For the D-brane with the special topology we obtain two Hublle parameters on this brane. The condition for the equality of these parameters is analyzed. In the special case a mass and a charge of the background p-branes are derived from this(More)
Javier Abadia Suzanne R. Abrams Elena Algar A.D. Ali Suleyman I. Allakhverdiev Andrew Allan Domingos Almeida Paula Andrade Klaus Appenroth G-I Arimura Ricardo Aroca Han Asard Stefania Astolfi Ross Atkinson T. Ayala-Silva Polat Aytekin Alma Balestrazzi Frantisek Baluska Zsofia Banfalvi Carlos Bartoli S. Bautista-Barios Nacer Bellaloui Jose Beltrano Susanne(More)
The percolation limit of the appearance of the spin glass state in the compounds under study has been obtained experimentally. The conditions of stability of the spin glass state have been analyzed here on the basis of the de Almeida-Thouless theory for two spinels differing in the magnetic coupling constants. It turned out that for the higher value of the(More)
The cosmological constant on a D-brane is analyzed. This D-brane is in the background produced by the p-brane solutions. The energymomentum tensor in this model has been found and the form of the cosmological constant has been derived. This energy-momentum tensor is interpreted as an energy-momentum tensor for a perfect fluid on the D-brane. The energy(More)
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