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This paper presents the issues necessary to solve in the designing process of multichannel optical communication systems topologies. The main design assumption is the acceptance of mul-tichanneling in communication system realization. In particular, the basics of designing physical and logical topologies are shown. Also cost aspects of physical and logical(More)
– This work presents the problem of clusters computing performance optimization. An assessment of the impact of computing architecture, applications, and communications equipment on the system performance was done. Processing bottlenecks were identified, showing that in order to obtain an optimum usage of computational structure the system should be treated(More)
Special interest in designing, constructing and exploitation of fault tolerant systems is connected with the need of attending to critical infrastructure systems. In this paper we focus on presentation and analysis of the requirements demanded on the context of fault tolerance assurance in the critical infrastructure systems. Especially, we take into(More)
– This work presents solution of a bus interconnection network set designing task on the base of a hypergraph model. In order to do this the interconnection network is presented as a multi-partite hypergraph. A system with virtual bus connections functioning in an environment of common physical channel was analyzed, which is characteristic of the networks(More)
– The aim of this study was to present that it is possible to design and implement an efficient and functional intelligent building management system based on free tools, own project and self-realization of sensor network system which may be a low cost alternative to commercial ones. The paper presents the designed system consisting of implemented devices(More)
– The major goal of this article was to evaluate the efficiency of Linux operating system using statistical self-similarity and multifractal analysis. In order to collect the necessary data, the tools available in Linux such as vmstat, top and iostat were used. The measurement data collected with those tools had to be converted into a format acceptable by(More)
– The paper presents a comparative analysis of reallocation algorithms in a structure of wireless sensor network in the event of a failure of network nodes. The article contains detailed research results of wireless sensor networks technology, with particular emphasis on thte network-layer protocols-routing protocols. In the research the simulation(More)
– This paper shows that the organization of computer system memory as a hierarchical structure can lead to the existence of long-memory effect during the man-computer interaction. As a point of reference, the rate at which the operating system resolves data from hard drive caused by the hardware page faults in the virtual memory mechanism can be given. The(More)
– The purpose of the study is to analyze the efficiency of communication with the server using the methods of secure remote access, as well as checking and comparing the quality of services provided by the server depending on the method of secure remote connection. The article focuses on VPN technology implemented in the latest Windows Server 2012 R2(More)
This work begins with presentation of modern teleinformatic systems functional problems. The authors indicate the necessity of using the multichannel communication technologies. Next, the building and exploitation costs analysis of interconnection systems was shown. Methodology of including designing system exploitation costs during the designing process(More)