Paweena Traiperm

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BACKGROUND Pollen of Amaranthus L., commonly known as careless weed or Phak-khom in Thai, has become one of the major causes of airway allergy in many countries including Thailand. Despite its recognized importance, there is no available information about which Amaranthus species are producing allergenic pollen more likely to affect Thai patients.(More)
During a revision of the genus Ischaemum for the Flora of Thailand, a new species, Ischaemum thomasii, was discovered. A description and illustration are presented here. Two taxa are reduced to synonymy: Ischaemum barbatum Retz. var. glaberrimum Bor and I. tenuifolium A. Camus are placed under I. barbatum Retz. and Andropogon burmanicus Bor, respectively. A(More)
Several medicinal properties have been reported for plants in the genus Evolvulus, such as a brain tonic and antifungal from Evolvulus alsinoides, and a sedative and an anthelmintic from Evolvulus nummularius. Therefore, the correct identification of the source plants is critically important. The aim of this research was to investigate the micromorphology(More)
Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is a pivotal source for natural rubber production. Polyisoprene is synthesized in laticifer vessels, which are developed from vascular cambium in the phloem area of the inner bark tissue. The transcription factors and phytohormones were reported to be involved in network regulation of plant vascular tissue differentiation.(More)
The genus Argyreia Lour. is one of the species-rich Asian genera in the family Convolvulaceae. Several species complexes were recognized in which taxon delimitation was imprecise, especially when examining herbarium materials without fully developed open flowers. The main goal of this study is to investigate and describe leaf anatomy for some(More)
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