Paweł Pawłowski

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P. Russotto1, P.Z. Wu2, M. Zoric3,4, M. Chartier2, Y. Leifels3, R.C. Lemmon5, Q. Li6, J. Łukasik3,7, A. Pagano8, P. Pawłowski7, and W. Trautmann3 1INFN-LNS and Università, I-95123 Catania, Italy; 2University of Liverpool, Liverpool L69 7ZE, United Kingdom; 3GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH, D-64291 Darmstadt, Germany; 4Ruder Bos̆ković(More)
Recently proposed analysis of the extensil stress developed in a cellular membrane subjected to an alternating electric field (Pawłowski, P., and M. Fikus, 1993. Bioelectrorheological model of the cell. 4. Analysis of the extensil deformation of the membrane in an alternating field. Biophys. J. 65:535-540) was applied in calculations of extensil stress(More)
Analysis of the angular distribution of extensil mechanical stress, sigma e, generated in cytoplasmic membranes by an external oscillating electric field, is presented. Theoretical considerations show that sigma e is directly proportional to the local relative increase in membrane area and/or to the local relative decrease in its thickness. The magnitude of(More)
Language technologies and the associated language resources necessary to develop them are needed in a number of applications in the public security sector, and there is a growing demand for such applications. The paper illustrates the scope and importance of the needs by presenting various examples of applications along with the corresponding language(More)
Prototypes of the triple telescope modules have been tested at GSI using the Au beam at 400 AMeV and the 3% Pb target. The modules are planned to become building blocks of the charged particle detector that is being built for the ASY-EOS experiment [1]. The final detector will consist of 36 modules covering about 160 msr and is expected to provide(More)
Distributions of the largest fragment charge, Zmax, in multifragmentation reactions around the Fermi energy can be decomposed into a sum of a Gaussian and a Gumbel distribution, whereas at much higher or lower energies one or the other distribution is asymptotically dominant. We demonstrate the same generic behavior for the largest cluster size in critical(More)
An analytical electromechanical model of a spherical cell exposed to an alternating electric field was used to calculate shear stress generated in the cellular membrane. Shape deformation of Neurospora crassa (slime) spheroplasts was measured. Statistical analysis permitted empirical evaluation of creep of the cellular membrane within the range of(More)
The A/Z dependence of projectile fragmentation at relativistic energies has been studied with the ALADIN forward spectrometer at SIS. A stable beam of (124)Sn and radioactive beams of (124)La and (107)Sn at 600 MeV per nucleon have been used in order to explore a wide range of isotopic compositions. Chemical freeze-out temperatures are found to be nearly(More)
A new method of quantitative incorporation of primary cations into ion-selective membrane by means of galvanostatic cathodic polarization/conditioning, before measurement step, was proposed and tested on the example of potassium-selective electrode with ionophore - valinomycin in poly(vinyl chloride) based membrane and with polypyrrole solid contact. Open(More)