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An analytical electromechanical model of a spherical cell exposed to an alternating electric field was used to calculate shear stress generated in the cellular membrane. Shape deformation of Neurospora crassa (slime) spheroplasts was measured. Statistical analysis permitted empirical evaluation of creep of the cellular membrane within the range of(More)
Recently proposed analysis of the extensil stress developed in a cellular membrane subjected to an alternating electric field (Pawłowski, P., and M. Fikus, 1993. Bioelectrorheological model of the cell. 4. Analysis of the extensil deformation of the membrane in an alternating field. Biophys. J. 65:535-540) was applied in calculations of extensil stress(More)
– This paper describes the use of National Instruments environment integrated with the smart camera type NI 1742. Differences between NI LabView and NI Vision Builder, including various consequences, are shown. Algorithms realizing the proposed solutions have been implemented. Advantages and disadvantages of algorithm implementation using fixed NI(More)
The paper presents project of reprogrammable chip – FPGA, designed with current-mode gates-novel digital gates operating with constant, continuous power supply current. Such continuous supply is a perfect one for analog-digital circuits, which are located on the same single die. Switching of digital part of the chip don't disturb analog part. Based on the(More)
1. The aim of this study was to determine if the pharmacokinetics (PK) of florfenicol (FF) undergo age-dependent changes in broilers. Since drug elimination depends on cardiovascular functions, a haemodynamic study was performed in parallel. 2. Broilers of 0.68, 1.27, 2.45 and 5.13 kg were administered FF in a single intravenous dose of 30 mg/kg body(More)
Prototypes of the triple telescope modules have been tested at GSI using the 197 Au beam at 400 AMeV and the 3% Pb target. The modules are planned to become building blocks of the charged particle detector that is being built for the ASY-EOS experiment [1]. The final detector will consist of 36 modules covering about 160 msr and is expected to provide(More)
The equation of state (EOS) of asymmetric nuclear matter is of fundamental importance to both nuclear physics and astrophysics. While considerable progress has been made recently in determining the symmetry energy around normal nuclear matter density [1], much more work is still needed to probe its high-density behaviour. This requires reaction studies at(More)
Distributions of the largest fragment charge, Zmax, in multifragmentation reactions around the Fermi energy can be decomposed into a sum of a Gaussian and a Gumbel distribution, whereas at much higher or lower energies one or the other distribution is asymptotically dominant. We demonstrate the same generic behavior for the largest cluster size in critical(More)
Two years ago, the elliptic-flow ratio of neutrons with respect to protons or light complex particles in reactions of neutron-rich systems at relativistic energies has been proposed as an observable sensitive to the strength of the symmetry term in the equation of state (EoS) at supra-normal densities [1]. This was derived from the analysis of the existing(More)
A new sensitive method for total mercury determination in reference materials using a 5-phase digitally controlled rotating field plasma source (RFP) for optical emission spectrometry (OES) was developed. A novel synergic effect of ultrasonic nebulization (USN) and ultraviolet-visible light (UV-Vis) irradiation when used in combination was exploited for(More)