Paweł Orlicki

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Mediastinal goiter constitutes an indication for surgical management. The procedure can most commonly be performed using the cervical access, but at times, a sternotomy or thoracotomy is necessary. The objective of the investigation was to analyze the prevalence and therapeutic results in patients with mediastinal goiter and to assess factors that affect(More)
UNLABELLED Eventration is still the great surgical problem. Although it is not very often, but may course serious complication leading to death. The aim of this study is the retrospective analysis of patients undergone surgery in the III Department of Surgery in 1982-1995 (14 years). During this period eventration was observed with 61 patients, constituting(More)
The aim of the study was to estimate the prevalence and causes of haemorrhages, that required extemporaneous surgical treatment, after goiter operations, in our own material. Between 1984 and 2000, i.e. during 17 years, 7400 patients were operated in our Clinic due to different kinds of goiter. Haemorrhage during post operative period was presented in 46(More)
The authors presented 4 cases of primary malignant neoplasm of the intestine caused by small intestine obstruction. These patients underwent emergency surgery. In all cases, a segmental resection of the intestine was performed. There were two cases of adenocarcinoma and two cases of carcinoid. Three patients were complementarily treated using(More)
Retrospective analysis of 177 patients with mechanical ileus was performed. The mean age was 16 to 94 years with average of 66. There were more females-107 (60.5%). There was 74.2% of strangulation ileus and 25.2% of obturation ileus. The incarcerated hernia was the main cause of strangulation ileus (59%) and carcinoma of obturation ileus (93%). Within the(More)
The authors present a case of acquired, untreated pseudarthrosis of the tibia which resulted in adaptation to the weight-bearing function by the fibula. The case described shows the adaptation abilities of the bone tissue which, when subjected to unusual loading, undergoes the necessary reconstruction.
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