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Wood is a major pool of organic carbon that is highly resistant to decay, owing largely to the presence of lignin. The only organisms capable of substantial lignin decay are white rot fungi in the Agaricomycetes, which also contains non-lignin-degrading brown rot and ectomycorrhizal species. Comparative analyses of 31 fungal genomes (12 generated for this(More)
Used a 2 (High or Low Assertive) x 2 (Role-Play or Contrived In Vivo) design to investigate the external validity of role-play (N = 32). The Conflict Resolution Inventory was used as the selection device. Results indicated a positive relationship between self-report scores and role-play behavior. They also indicated that self-report scores were not(More)
1 Wprowadzenie Tematem niniejszej rozprawy s ˛ a zagadnienia z pogranicza biologii molekularnej, matematyki i informatyki dotycz ˛ ace własno´sci modeli ewolucyjnych uwzgl ˛ ednia-j ˛ acych horyzontalny transfer genów (w skrócie HGT) i praktycznych metod jego wykrywania. Współczesnie metody rekonstrukcji drzew ewolucyjnych gatunków s ˛ a nast ˛ e-puj ˛ ace:(More)
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